Deposition Videos

I offer high-quality deposition video services at a competitive rate. All of my equipment is brand new, including a new Full-HD camera, capable of recording at 1080p, Full-HD, Blu-Ray quality. Click here for visual examples of the quality. Rather than shooting onto tapes, my camera records onto two SD cards simultaneously for an instant backup of the video recording, not to mention the SD cards are less likely to loss to begin with, as compared to tapes. The 64GB cards can shoot for 8+ hours without stopping, so you’ll never again have the videographer interrupting the line of questioning to change tapes. In addition to the highest quality video, I also offer a lighting kit for locations where the light quality, color, brightness, or angle is less than desirable, as well as a pop-up background for a neutral, professional-looking, distraction-free video image. Lastly, all of the audio is captured with up to four, wired lavalier mics as well as a table “boundary” mic that accurately capture and record the speakers’ voices. The microphones are recorded at extremely high resolution to individual tracks, which allows me to mute unintended noise (e.g. shirt noise) in post-production. Click here for examples of and more information about separate audio channels. The finished product is usually delivered within one week of the deposition date.

Below are some of the options available for your video, as well as the rates. If you’re interested in booking me for a deposition, please contact me here.

Video Options

Date and Time
The date and time can be superimposed onto the final video file. The information can be displayed at the beginning of resuming from breaks, over the entire duration of the video, or not at all.

Case and Deposition Information Titles
The style of the case, names of parties, date, starting/ending times of the deposition, name of deponent, and other related information can be displayed at the beginning of the video. Here are some examples.


Note: Rates are subject to change without notice. This page does not constitute a quote, nor does it constitute an agreed-upon price for services. The rates for your particular project will be locked in when the deposition video is scheduled and/or upon signing a contract for video services. Deposition video services are sales-tax-exempt in Texas under Tex. Tax Code § 151.353(d). 

All rates are eligible for price matching. If you get a quote for a total package (e.g. 3.5-hour deposition w/ DVD for $XX), I will beat it by 10%.

The time rates are calculated by the scheduled start time of the deposition and running until the videographer goes off the record. Time is calculated in quarter-hour (15-minute) incriminates. E.g. If the deposition goes to 2 hours and 1 minute, it is billed as 2.25 hours; if the deposition goes to 2 hours and 15 minutes, it is billed as 2.25 hours; if the deposition goes to 2 hours and 16 minutes, it is billed as 2.5 hours; etc.

Unlike some videographers, I do not charge a setup fee. Additionally, multiple witnesses or depositions back-to-back do not incur additional fees if they are back-to-back.

Shooting and Travel Rates

Minimum Booking Fee – $300.00 per day
Includes first 2 hours of the deposition. If multiple witnesses are scheduled for the same day, only one Minimum Booking Fee applies. If the deposition(s) stretch into a second day, another Minimum Booking Fee will apply.

Late-Cancellation Fee – $150
If notice of the deposition’s cancellation is received less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the deposition, a $150 fee will be charged.

No-Show Fee – $300
If, for whatever reason, the deposition is effectively cancelled after the deposition is scheduled to being, the $300 Minimum Booking Fee will apply.

Additional Hours – $120.00 per hour
Hours 3 and onward are $120 per hour and are billed in quarter-hour increments.

Travel (Driving) – $0.75 per mile
If driving, $0.75 per driven mile, each direction, will be charged for locations further than 30 miles from my office in Lubbock, Texas.

Travel (Other Means) – Actual cost
Any other means of travel, e.g. air fare, rental car, and hotel, will be charged actual cost.

Editing Rates

Editing – $50.00 per hour of work
A typical deposition will not require editing at all because it is supposed to be a raw, unbiased portrayal of the examination of the deponent. As mentioned above, any titles or cuts between exhibits are included. However, if the client wishes certain cuts (e.g. 5:4-5:12, 8:10-11:2, etc.) be made into one video file or disk for playback at trial, an editing fee of $50.00 per hour will apply.

Syncing – $35.00 per hour of video
Transcript syncing is available and works with popular applications including TrialDirector and Sanction II.

Physical Copies
The attorney or firm that notices the deposition receives a one-time $25 discount off the prices below. These prices below are per deposition/deponent, not per disk/drive. A flat $5.05 shipping fee applies. All physical copies are mailed USPS Priority Flat Rate, which usually arrives within two business days.

DVD Disk(s) – $25.00 per deposition/deponent
DVD disks are available in standard definition quality.

Blu-Ray Disk(s) – $40.00 per deposition/deponent
Blu-Ray disks are available in Full-HD 1080p quality.

USB Drive(s) – $40.00 per day (all depositions for the day will fit on one drive)
USB drives are available with .mp4 video files in Full-HD 1080p quality.

Downloadable .mp4 Video File – Please Ask
Please ask if you would like your video in the form of a .mp4 file that can be downloaded. This option is not always feasible given the very large size of HD video files and limited speed of some internet connections.

Downloadable .mp3 Audio File – Included
An .mp3 file will be made available to the court reporter for download at no additional cost

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Payment Fee – 15%
An invoice for the deposition will be generated and delivered at the time the deposition video is delivered to the client. The invoice will have the official due date, which will ordinarily be 30 days after the invoice date. If full payment is not received by 5 pm on the due date, a late payment fee of 15% will apply to the entire amount of the invoice.

Rush Processing Fee – $200.00 per deposition
If the client wishes to have the video file (SD quality) be made available for download within 48 hours of the end of the deposition, a $200 rush processing fee will apply. Note: Because DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and USB drives require mailing or other means of physical delivery, rush processing of these media is not guaranteed. The rush-processing request should be made before the deposition ends to increase the chance of the file being ready in time.


Data Retention and Backup Policy

Your business is important, and keeping your data safe is a top priority. This means making sure people who aren’t supposed to access it can’t, as well as making sure people who need to access it can. I maintain multiple backups of all my digital data, and everything is always encrypted. The backups are stored in a manner that protects against loss due to fire, theft, and natural disaster, and the encryption ensures that in the rare event someone does get a hold of one of the backup drives, they cannot read any bit of data off of it.

I will retain Full-HD originals and edits of every project for at least three years. This way if you need the data again, you can get another copy.