Tech Tips

As a self-described nerd, I have a lot of people ask me questions about technology, computers, smart phones, internet security, and more. I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and begin writing out the advice I give. This is more helpful for a few reasons. First, I can take screenshots of the computer or phone and post them. This helps eliminate some of the guess work involved with describing something over the phone. Additionally, I’m able to go into more detail on this Web site than I can on the phone, and users of higher skill levels can skim over the parts they already understand.

I’ll slowly be adding to this list of articles over time as I come up with them and actually take the time to write them out. Check back regularly, and feel free to share links to this site for anyone who may need the help!

iOS Photos – The Dropbox Middleman Method
How to backup your photos that are on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), and also free up some storage space on that same device.

How to easily convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.