Putting VeraCrypt on ExFAT Drive to Work with MAC and Windows

Plug the external hard drive into the computer and format it as exFAT. This will erase all data off of the hard drive.

Next, download and install VeraCrypt.

Open VeraCrypt and click “Create Volume” -> “Encrypt a non-system partition/drive” -> “Standard VeraCrypt volume” -> then select the hard drive that you want to encrypt. You’ll want to select the main partition of the hard drive, not the hard drive itself. It will usually have a letter and a name associated with it -> “Create encrypted volume and format it” -> All these default options are fine (AES SHA-512) -> The disk size should be maxed out and uneditable -> Select a password for the volume. You’ll have to type this in every time you want to access the data (every time you plug in the hard drive) -> When it asks for file system, select exFAT -> Now move your mouse around randomly in the window. Select “Quick Format” Click “Format”. Click OK and Exit.